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Bruce Borden and Danny Morris

Our Love Where You Live Story.

It’s our experience that every reno, rebuild, restore and repair starts with a customer who just wants to love where they live. (And we felt exactly the same way when we built our own homes.)



We believe in a flexible approach that allows us to
efficiently manage large projects and small, from
start-to-finish or to join at any point in the process.


Mark From feasibility to design to permits & approvals to bids to construction to a sparkling, spectacular love where you live finish. Mark






Bruce Borden

Problem. Solved.

Founder, Bruce Borden

Working with clients to find creative solutions to tricky problems is what motivates me.

I love a less-is-more/keep it simple approach but it’s always good to remember that ‘simple’ does not mean easy.

When I was 10 years old, my parents built our family home in Montreal, I think it’s fair to say that I’ve been building Walden Homes ever since.

Do it right. (Then you only have to do it once.)

Partner, Danny Morris

It’s an old cliché in building – to measure twice and cut once – I just apply that same ethic to every aspect of a project.

I’m often described as being detail oriented to which I say “You're welcome!” This business is all about attention to detail.

I enjoy, at the end of each week on a job, walking a client through everything we’ve accomplished, it really creates an appreciation for progress.

Danny Morris

We’d love to talk.

For more than two and a half decades we’ve built our company by building and renovating (and sometimes rescuing) homes for customers who have loved our team, loved our transparent approach and now love where they live.

Let’s talk about your home.

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