Schematic Design

Where your dreams become our blueprints

The first phase of beginning your custom-build or renovation venture is the schematic design process.

This is one of our most important undertakings, because it involves transitioning your vision and dream home specifications and making sure they translate identically to paper and computer, for our designers. Using state-of-the-art technology as well as the talents of our architects and engineers, we’ll develop the ultimate plan for your finished project and turn dreams into reality.

Project managers and clients will work closely with the architect handling the project. Your specific goals and requirements for the project will be a key role in the initial concept drawings. As these designs become further detailed with additional information concerning zoning, permits, materials, and budgeting, the client will be there throughout every step to ensure they are continuously happy with the plans and the progress.

It is important that clients know we hire only the most highly-qualified architecture and engineering team for the job. We take pride in building the perfect team that you can expect outstanding results from.

Elements of Schematic Design

The floor plan is known as the backbone of any design package. This includes initial rough study drawings to outline the basic concepts the client desires. Basic scale and scope of the project will be solidified, and spatial relationships will be identified.

Architects and engineers will use computer aided design or CAD to complete a basic plan, from which the remainder of the project will stem. All of our clients can sleep sound at night knowing that we go over jurisdictional zoning and permitting regulations during the phase with a fine tooth comb, ensuring there are no costly surprises down the line.

Begin Planning Your Future Home Today

For all phases of the schematic design process, we work on a incredibly detail specific basis. We customize the process to suit your specific needs and expectations, leaving you with nothing to worry about!  

Our project managers and staff have the knowledge and skill needed to adequately assess your project in order to accurately balance architectural and structural prerequisites. With 25 years in the business, we have what it takes to execute your vision and turn it into your reality!

We Go The Extra Mile For Our Customers:

Thorough vetting of architects, designers, and engineers to find the ideal professionals for the job

Meeting schedules and timetables that cater to you

The latest technology, allowing you up-to-date monitoring of the schematic design progress

Complete proficiency in navigating permits and zoning

Guidance and direction throughout the schematic design process

Access to the BuildSmart App for continuous updates

See Examples of Our Completed Home Transformations