Preparation for Construction

No matter the size project - we come prepared

Because of Walden’s long-standing professional partnerships with quality contractors, engineers, suppliers, and trades specialists, we come prepared and can assure you we only hire the best! During pre-construction we evaluate bids from specialists, then schedule their work for the most efficient construction timeline possible.

We know this is a stressful undertaking which is why we are completely transparent and provide quality work in a timeframe that works for you and your family. We will never leave you hanging when it comes to your questions and concerns. Walden Homes knows that including clients in the project and listening to their input throughout the entire process is key to a successful build/renovation.

Preparing to Break Ground

All construction projects begin with your ideas!  Throughout the feasibility phase, design plans are discussed, a plan is put into motion and optimal outcomes are assessed. At this point, the client will have decided whether or not the project will move forward.

During the schematic design phase, architects, designers, and engineers work together to develop concrete paper and computer-rendered floor plans.  Zoning and permits are also assessed, and plans are adjusted to ensure all of the plans will be passed in compliance with government and environmental factors.

At this point, we’re finally ready to to break ground on your project! Throughout the construction phase, bidding, hiring, and scheduling are key components. At this point, we will assemble the best possible team for your project. After all, these are the key players that will determine the success of your project.

Keeping You Updated on Pre-Construction Progress

We understand that Canadians today love to stay informed via technology, specifically on their phones or laptops.  As in so many other industries, this definitely applies to custom home design and home renovations.

That’s why as our client, it is important to us that you can rely on the latest apps and technology to remain informed on the progress of your construction, from start to finish. The BuildSmart App we use allows for complete transparency of the construction preparation phase.

Login any time to obtain a complete overview of the progress as well as specifics on materials, orders, contractor and trades people scheduling, and more. The app is so simple to navigate and functions in real-time. You can view our progress on your custom-build or home renovation project, right from the palm of your hand!

Contact Us to Begin Planning Your Custom Home or Renovation

Construction prep is the final stage before we break ground on your brand-new home or updated layout and we know how important it is that we take the necessary time to explain everything to you are 100% comfortable. Success in pre-construction means success for your overall project, which means we’ve done our job right. Our constant goal is to ensure you are absolutely satisfied with the work we do. At every turn, we aim to exceed your expectations.

We Go The Extra Mile For Our Customers:

Strong relationships with the best vendors in their industries

Easy access to the BuildSmart App for constant updates throughout construction prep

Complete transparency of bids and estimates

Coordination of schematic designs and working drawings

Guidance and advice on choosing the best bids and vendors

Complete preparation of the construction schedule

See Examples of Our Completed Home Transformations