Feasibility Assessments

Validate your vision

Almost all customers have the same question when deciding whether to renovate or build a custom home; “how much will this cost?” and “how long will it take?”. The answer a client will  receive will vary dramatically, depending on the company you are taking to. With over 25 years in the business we have developed and mastered the feasibility process. Walden Homes is known for providing extremely accurate timelines and budgets. We accomplish this by taking the time to provide an extensive assessment. Spending the extra time to conduct such in depth assessments in the begging will end up saving time later down the road. 

Our assessments will also ensure there are no unexpected added costs, unforeseen delays, or issues with zoning and permits that were left until the last minute.

We care deeply about our customer experience and enjoy putting in the extra effort, especially knowing that it means we are providing peace of mind to our clients.

Before beginning any custom-build or renovation project, assessing feasibility is extremely important. Feasibility assessments will bring your vision for the project to life and evaluate the practicality of each item that you hope to include for your custom build/renovation.  Our project managers have extensive experience and will deliver detailed feedback about what to expect during your build.

The Assessment Process

As you know, Walden Homes prides itself on providing  extremely thorough analysis during the feasibility process, ensuring no major setbacks when it comes to timelines, it also means your budget won't fluctuate drastically throughout the duration of the project.  Often, competitors will make a superficial assessments and budgets for a project by biding low to win the job. In contrast, our feasibility studies are more involved and require far more research, which in turn allows us to provide extremely accurate projections.

Once the necessary information has been gathered, our project managers will develop a comprehensive feasibility plan for every aspect and phase of the impending project. We will work with you to tweak the final plans and ultimately create the perfect project plan, timeline, and budget customised for you!

Turning Your Vision Into Reality

Everyone knows deciding to renovate or build a custom home can be intimidating and seem like an overall stressful step for any homeowner to take.  Our customers comfort level is of the utmost importance. At Walden Homes we have a great respect of our clients time and budgets, this is why we have implemented an extremely detailed feasibility process. We conduct every assessment possible to provide exact timelines and budgets before any work is conducted, no surprises!

Our main priority is establishing trust with our clients and we believe trust is only truly achieved once it is earned. We would love the opportunity to earn your trust and help build/renovate the home of your dreams

We Go The Extra Mile For Our Customers:

Scheduling that caters to you

Vetted relationships with a wide network of assessment experts

Guidance throughout the entire feasibility process

Detailed assessment of each feature of your envisioned project

Experience with zoning, permitting, and government ordinances

Access to the BuildSmart App for continuous updates

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